Learning for impact in a changing World 52nd eucen conference 2021 | Utrecht, the Netherlands

Learning for impact

To empower professionals, universities need to be responsive to the evolving needs of lifelong learners for expertise, education and training. Professionals working in different spheres of society continuously have to develop and to adapt their expertise to keep making societal impact. In other words: they arelearning for impact in a changing world. Universities have the responsibility to make their expertise and the results of their research available in a more inclusive way; available there where it is needed and for those who are in need of it. 

Societal change, whether gradually or disruptive, has an impact on what research, expertise and knowledge communities and learners need. Vice versa, with their research, expertise and knowledge, universities have their own impact in this changing world. However, universities still have a lot to learn on how to facilitate this impact and how to implement this responsibility into their core business. 

30th anniversary

With this conference, we also celebrate the 30th anniversary of eucen. We do this by emphasizing and visualising that University Continuing Education is about learning as well as about learners. That it is about connecting researchers on learning with practitioners in learning, about connecting the academic domain with associations of professions and other stakeholders in society, and about adapting university facilities with University Continuing Education needs. In this call, we therefore equally address researchers, practitioners, administrators as well as professionals and their organizations.

Programme outline: https://www.uu.nl/en/education/eucen-2021/programme