Aims of the Association

MELLearN – Hungarian Universities Lifelong Learning Network Association promotes the followings:

  • Provision of Lifelong Learning in accordance with the needs of the labour market;
  • Implementation of the principles and claims of the European Memorandum on Lifelong Learning in local, regional, national and international activities;
  • Cross-border partnership building with local and regional dimensions;
  • Promoting and developing connections in between higher education and non HE institutions;
  • Enhancing the culture of quality amongst member institutions;
  • Searching for appropriate communication channels;
  • Researching and Development of appropriate continuing education represented by member institutions;
  • Promoting consensus-based positions, in alliance with major representative professional HE bodies, like Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, and represent a common voice towards decision making fora and, also, towards, member institutions;
  • Collaborations in raising participation in Higher Education and its programmes throughout Hungary;
  • Platform building actions with member institutions towards potential clients;
  • Promoting international comparative work and partnership in the field of adult learning and education with research and innovation orientations;
  • Improving the publicity of MELLearN activities at conferences, meetings, workshops and other particular events to deal with quality learning in/with higher education. Therefore, MELLearN publishes a quarterly newsletter, and circulates all its documents, reports towards its members at its website.