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Join Us for Our Upcoming Webinar with Dr. Nelson Baker: March 22

IACEE and Tecnologico de Monterrey invite you to join the upcoming complimentary webinar, “The Future of Credentials in Engineering Professional Education”, broadcast live from the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, Atlanta, USA.

Date: March 22, 2018
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 UTC (10:00 EST)

Moderator: Dr. Yakut Gazi, Assoc. Dean of Learning Systems, Georgia Tech Professional Education
Speaker: Dr. Nelson Baker, Dean of Professional Education, Georgia Institute of Technology

Abstract: Join us for a lively conversation with a thought leader in the field of professional education to explore the future of credentials. Rapid developments in science and technology produce new knowledge faster than other disciplines. This has resulted in a shorter lifespan for the traditional college degree, warranting continuing professional development and causing a proliferation of micro and alternative credentials. Do we all mean the same thing when we talk about these credentials? Have the new credentials changed our hiring practices in higher education? Are there any strategies for success as institutions plan for this future, where credentials are unbundled, learners face a variety of options, and learning is lifelong?

Registration: http://bit.ly/2FEBMV7