Conference Call

Conference Call

MELLearN – Hungarian Universities’ Lifelong Learning Network Association, in association with Milton Friedman University, will organise its 18th Conference on University Lifelong Learning on Wednesday, the 8th of June focusing on the following topic:

University Lifelong Learning: New Challenges and Solutions – Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic and Model-shifts Felsőoktatási Lifelong Learning: Új kihívások és megoldások – A modellváltás és a COVID Pandémia hatásai

The topic of this conference will highlight some recent changes and modifications in university lifelong learning according to recent structural and management model-shifts at Higher Education in Europe and in Hungary. Not only sustanaibility issues, but also matters of digitalisation, mobility, quality, access and missions of universities will be discussed in the scope of innovations and developments having recently occurred in European Higher Education Area.

Plenáris előadások:

  • Eva Cendon (Fern-Universität Hagen-DE, eucen vice-president): Between Past and Future: University Lifelong Learning in Germany
  • Magdalena Sitek (Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy Józefów, PL): Post-pandemic perspective for higher education – a case study of WSGE University Jozefow-Poland
  • Arne Carlsen (former Director of UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning): University’s role in developing an inclusive lifelong learning culture for all in post COVID-19 times
  • Ferenc Kiss – Vilmos Vass (Budapest Metropolitan University): Project-based Talence-development in Higher Education in the Support of Lifelong Learning
  • Gabriella Keczer –András Döbör (University of Szeged): Peculiarities of Model-shifting Universities. Foreign Examples and Choices for the University of Szeged
  • Zoltán Szűts (Eszterházy Károly Catholic University) – György Molnár (Budapest University of Technology and Economics/ Széchenyi István University): The Impact of Digital Transformation on Model-shifting Higher Education in the Scope of Network-based Collaborations and the Evolution of spaces of Digital Education and Labour Markets

Round-table discussion on trends of ALE and Training of Adults in Hungary with distinguished Labour Market Specialists, CEOs of Adult Training SMEs and Representatives of HEI-based traning centres, Chancellory Offices.

Planned Strands:

  1. Knowledge-transfer in between HEIs and Labour Market
  2. Issues of University Lifelong Learning and Sustainability in the Context Industrial and Technological Innovations
  3. Quality and multidisciplinarity in Lifelong Learning – Microcredits/Badging Applications, University Alliances, Partnerships for Excellence
  4. Pre-Covid – Post-Covid Times. Education, Employability – Empirical Focus and Research Results in the COVID Aspects. 
  5. The Digital Paradigm-shift in the Scope of Pedagogical Good Practices at Universities – Theoretical Models of Digital Frames and Empirical Good Practices
  6. MA/PhD Students’ Section – Future Challlenges

Venue of the Conference: Milton Friedman University, 1039 Budapest, Kelta u. 2.

Date of Conference: Wednesday, the 8th of June, in between 9.30am and 6.00pm CET

This conference will be a national and international event for researchers, practitioners to discuss university lifelong learnint trends and issues with plenary keynotes and workshop-presentations referring to individual and organisational and community learning to signal matters of process, contents, methods, etc. MELLearN will collect analytical papers based on the presentations and keynotes into a dedicated e-book for late 2022.

In case you wish to participate our event, please send your registration form with the abstract of your planned presentation until 26 May 2022. at Organisors of this conference hold every right to change content, frame and focus of this event! You will find more details at our website! Collabortive partners of MELLearN are: Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (MRK),  Tempus Public Foundation (TKA), EPALE Hungary, EUCEN, ASEM LLL HUB, and Bethlen Gábor Fund.