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PASCAL International Observatory Site Digest for 20/09/17

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Put the PLUS into ERASMUS+ – include Adult Education! Elkészült az Európai Felnőttoktatási Társaság aktuális felhívása az ERASMUS+ program megújításához

Dear members,

In the next weeks and months, the first decisions about the next programme period of Erasmus+ will be taken. We therefore would encourage you to help us with lobbying – for adult education in Erasmus+, for more money for adult education as well as more money for Erasmus+ in general.

In the attachment you’ll find our flyer on ‘putting the plus into Erasmus+’ which lists arguments for adult education. Please feel free and encouraged to use it in your country!

I would also encourage you to support the general campaign to increase the Erasmus+ budget x10 – have a look at the website: http://erasmusx10.eu/ Please do sign the petition and inform others to do the same!

EAEA 2017_Put the Plus Into Erasmus+


PASCAL International Observatory Site Digest for 12/09/17

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[EAEA Members] EAEA Statement: Put the Plus into Erasmus+

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EAEA Newsletter 5/2017

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PASCAL International Observatory Site Digest for 05/09/17

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