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[L&W] Call for contributions to the next edition of the L&W Newsletter

Call for contributions to the next edition of the L&W Newsletter

Dear Colleagues

You are invited to submit information for the next edition of the Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work [L&W], due to appear at the beginning of December 2019.

This Newsletter (www.news.wifo-gate.org), appearing six times a year (February, April, June, August, October and December), reaches researchers and professionals in the field of HRD and VET. Information on the following topics, all related to European and transnational research in VET and HRD, will be included in the L&W Newsletter:

    conferences and other events (calls for papers; reports);
    networks and centres (activities, newsletters);
    partnership projects (proposals, reports, workshops);
    publications (books, journals and dissertations);
    websites (resources and platforms).

The common format for publication is to provide short informative texts (100 to max. 200 words), including references (links) to relevant internet sources (without attached files). Contributors are requested to send their ready-to-print texts by email to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org).

The deadline for submitting contributions to the next edition is 30 November 2019.

Looking forward to your contributions
with best regards
Sabine Manning
Editor of the L&W Newsletter

Please note the change in my email address:
my new address is <sabine-manning@t-online.de>
my permanent address remains <sm@wifo-gate.org>
NO longer valid: my old address <sabine.manning(ad)wifo.b.shuttle.de>

PS: See our update on Data Protection.