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Latest news on European research in learning and work – February 2016


EUCEN call on Crossing borders through LLL
The Call for contributions for EUCEN’s 48th Conference in Dublin (http://dublin2016.eucen.eu/) is now open. EUCEN welcomes proposals for papers, workshops and posters on the topic „Crossing borders through lifelong learning: enhancing quality and equity in higher education„. This conference will contribute to a dialogue across Europe on crossing different types of borders (geographic, disciplinary, institutional and generational) with a view to improving access to higher education for new groups of students. The conference will be of interest to those involved in promoting and supporting access to higher educa tion, including researchers, policy makers, administrators and teachers working in higher and adult education. The deadline to submit a proposal is29 February 2016.
(Received from Lifelong Learning Platform <claudia.engstrom@eucis-lll.eu> Newsletter – #115 – January 2016)

UNESCO UIL Nexus c. hírlevelének legújabb száma

Az alábbi linkre kattintva olvasható az UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning Nexus című hírlevelének angol nyelvű verziója.

ELM (European Lifelong Learning Magazine) hírlevél

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Education has taken on religious features in the secular Nordic societies, argues Professor Geir Skeie.

Is education the “religion” of our secular society?

Workers’ educational movement and Protestant Christianity -not much common ground in a debate? Or is there? 

Workers’ liberation versus religious faith?

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Higher Education in the World 5 – Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change


Dr. Bud Hall – Dr. Rajesh Tandon (2013) Higher Education in the World 5 – Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change



The report is a product of three years research, consultations, academic seminars and an international conference. The report and the associated conference Let’s Build Transformative Knowldege to Drive a Social Change has been a collective project of hundreds of women and men from more than 60 nations. In it have contributed students, administrators, foundation leaders, government officials, researchers, social movement activists, professors, networkers and more.

Letölthető formátumban itt: http://www.guninetwork.org/report/higher-education-world-5/documents