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We are ALE YouTUBE vide

Az ICAE (Nemzetközi Felnőttoktatási Tanács) által indított We are ALE kampány YouTUBE videójának linkje:

We are a global alliance of networks, associations and organisations for adult learning and education (ALE). We recognise the fundamental importance of ALE for justice, well-being and change. While Agenda 2030 identifies lifelong learning (LLL) as critical to attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ALE which is a significant part of LLL, is largely invisible. For ALE to be seen, understood and valued, we need to advocate for greater involvement and investment by governments, donors, private sector, international organizations, and social movements. For the first time, an open alliance of ALE partners created and accepted a common global definition and a vision of adult learning and education. The ALE campaign strives to unite ALE advocates, organisations, and practitioners including health, workplaces, communities, universities, and media, to support the campaign and together strive for a healthier planet and a better world. More information on www.we-are-ale.org