EBSN Annual Conference 2024 – Call for Contributions!

EBSN Conference Call for Contributions! 
The EBSN Annual Conference in 2024 offers a unique platform for policymakers, researchers, educators, and practitioners to share insights and engage in dialogues related to upskilling and reskilling for the Twin Transition’: Digital and Green Transformation. We welcome submissions from diverse academic, policy, and practitioner-focused perspectives.  The deadline for submitting your contributions is 16 April 2024

Highlighted Themes for Discussions:

  • Digital Literacy and the Green Economy: Developing basic skills for the digital age and sustainable development.
  • Making Twin Transition a Just Transition: Ensuring equitable access to upskilling and reskilling opportunities.
  • New Approaches to Assessment: Applying diverse approaches to the assessment of basic skills and measuring learners’ progress and transition, such as performance assessments, use of portfolios, and simulations.
  • Validation Systems and Microcredential Frameworks: Enhancing learners’ prospects by recognition of informal learning and learning outcomes.
  • Redefining Basic Skills as Foundational Skills in a Changing Society: Integrating Basic and Transversal skills for Sustainable Lifestyles.
  • Harnessing Evolving Technologies for Basic Skills Learners: Exploring the potential of technology in learning motivation, skill assessment, and validation.
  • Policy, Practice, and Partnerships for Upskilling: Exploring new types of partnerships in policy and practice, integrating basic skills in Pact for Skills and other cross-sectoral initiatives.
  • Equipping teachers and trainers of adults for the inclusive twin transition: Holistic teaching strategies for basic digital skills, numeracy, literacy, and other transversal skills, as well as the challenges of higher-order thinking skills (e.g., for green jobs).
  • Challenges for Carrier Guidance and Counselling: Providing guidance and support for individuals to navigate career paths effectively within the digital and green transition context.
  • https://conference.basicskills.eu/call-for-contributions/